10 Best Web Development Courses in Pune 2024 (List of Web Design Courses & Classes)

10 Best Web Development Courses in Pune 2024 (List of Web Design Courses & Classes)

Find the list of top institutes offering the best web development courses in Pune with certificate and placement assistance. Here, we have also covered the primary web design courses in Pune, as well as full-stack development training institutes.

Technology has witnessed major changes over the years. The birth of computers and the internet made this evolution rapid, bringing significant changes in our lifestyle. Laptops, smartphones, gaming gadgets, and the wider reach of tech made web development one of the most revolutionary and lucrative fields in the IT sector. It holds great potential not only for businesses but also for job seekers. 

Introduction to Web Development and Web Designing

In simple terms, web development is the process of designing websites and applications that run in a browser. It comprises all the tasks related to developing a website, such as coding, designing, testing, maintenance, and deploying. However, it mainly focuses on programming, which is crucial for enabling website functionality according to set standards. 

These non-design aspects of creating a website include everything that goes into making it look attractive and work seamlessly. For this, web developers need a great understanding of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other programming languages. They can build everything with their expertise, from single-page websites to social network applications to complex web-based apps. 

Best Web Development Courses in Pune (Top Institutes in 2024)

If you are looking for the best institute for web development courses in Pune, then end your search here. Go through this list of top web development classes in Pune and get all the necessary details. 

1. WsCube Tech

Want to master the art of developing the most appealing and rich websites? Then WsCube Tech is your perfect destination. It’s a highly-trusted web development training institute in Pune that helps you acquire web development skills through a seamless and exciting learning experience. Its comprehensive curriculum and practical-oriented classes train you from scratch and transform you into a well-versed web developer.

Industry experts with 10+ years of experience in the field conduct online classes. For each module, you will work on live projects that demand the practical application of your knowledge and skills, thus, making you industry-ready. 

This will be your chance to build real websites, and your mentors give valuable feedback each time to ensure further improvements. By the end of the full-stack web development courses in Pune, you will gain a high-level understanding and experience of Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, and more. 

Furthermore, you will get all the guidance to start your professional journey. You will receive a professional certificate from WsCube Tech that will validate your capabilities as a web developer and add credibility to your resume. Also, you will get job assistance and internship opportunities based on your skills, interests, and eligibility. 

Why Choose WsCube Tech for Full-Stack Development Training in Pune?

  • 100% Practical-oriented training

  • Nearly 2 Million subscribers on YouTube

  • Learn from India’s top instructors

  • India’s most comprehensive course curriculum

  • Professional Certification

  • Job Assistance

  • Students of WsCube Tech work with MNCs, startups, and brands

  • Live Interactive Classes

  • Budget-friendly Courses

  • Hands-on Projects

Top Companies Where WsCube Tech’s Students Work

Some of the renowned companies where the students of WsCube Tech work include Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, Accenture, HCL, Cognizant, Capgemini, IBM, Wipro, MMT, Zoho, Tech Mahindra, Thrillophilia, and more.

Top Companies Where WsCube Tech’s Students Work

Curriculum Overview of WsCube Tech’s Full-Stack Development Courses in Pune

Here is what you will learn in this course:

  • HTML Editors 

  • HTML Basics 

  • HTML Elements 

  • HTML Links 

  • HTML Images 

  • HTML Lists 

  • HTML Attributes 

  • HTML Headings 

  • HTML Paragraphs 

  • HTML Styles 

  • HTML Formatting 

  • HTML Comments 

  • HTML Blocks 

  • HTML Classes 


2. CSS
  • CSS Syntax and Selectors

  • CSS Colors

  • CSS Backgrounds

  • CSS Borders

  • Setting Height and Width

  • Background Color

  • Background Image

  • Background Repeat

  • Borders

  • Border Types

  • Border Style

  • Border Radius

  • Text Indentation

  • Text Transformation

  • Letter Spacing

  • Line Height

  • Font Families

  • Font Color

  • Font Style

  • Float and Clear

  • Margin And Padding

  • Text Alignment

  • Text Decoration

  • Word Spacing

  • Text Shadow

  • Position

3. CSS3
  • CSS Rounded Corners

  • CSS Border Images 

  • CSS Multiple Backgrounds 

  • RGBA Colors 

  • CSS Gradients 

  • CSS Shadow Effects 

  • CSS Text Effects 

  • CSS 2D Transforms 

  • CSS 3D Transforms 

  • CSS Transitions 

  • CSS Animations 

  • CSS Styling Images 

  • CSS Buttons 

  • CSS Multiple Columns 

  • Resize 

  • CSS Box Sizing 

  • Details Tag 

  • Dialog Tag

4. HTML5
  • Introduction To HTML 5


  • Header Tag

  • Footer Tag

  • Article Tag

  • Section Tag

  • Figure Tag

  • Aside Tag

  • Audio Tag

  • Video Tag

  • Article Tag

  • Aside Tag

  • Details Tag

  • Dialog Tag

  • Main Tag

  • Nav Tag

  • Summary Tag

5. Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design
  • What is Bootstrap?

  • Install Bootstrap and jQuery

  • Media Query

  • Bootstrap Grid System

  • Containers

  • Rows

  • Columns

  • Multiple Columns

  • Resetting Columns

  • Offsetting Columns

  • Nesting Columns

  • Push & Pull

  • Bootstrap Components

  • Glyph icons

  • Dropdown

  • Video

  • Nav & Navbar

  • Carousel

  • Tabbing

  • What is Media Query?

  • What is Responsive Web Design?

  • Screen Resolutions to use while taking screenshots

6. JavaScript
  • JavaScript Introduction

  • JavaScript Basics

  • JS Comments

  • JS Variables

  • JS Global Variable

  • JS Data Types

  • JS Operators

  • JS If Statement

  • JS Switch

  • JS slider

  • JS Loop

  • JavaScript DOM

  • JS Events

  • onclick

  • onmouseover

  • onmouseout

  • onkeydown

  • onload

  • JS validation

  • JS window.print()

7. jQuery
  • What is jQuery?

  • Adding jQuery Library to HTML Pages

  • Basic jQuery Example

  • Downloading jQuery

  • jQuery Syntax

  • Document Ready Function

  • How to use Custom Scripts?

  • How to use Selectors?

  • CSS Element Selector and ID Selector

  • CSS Element Class Selector and Universal Selector

  • CSS Multiple Elements E, F, G Selector

  • jQuery Callback Functions

  • Get Attribute Value

  • Set Attribute Value

  • Apply CSS Properties

  • Setting Element Width & Height

  • jQuery CSS Methods

  • jQuery Online Effects

  • Slider

  • Lightbox

8. WordPress
  • Introduction to WordPress

  • Getting Started with WordPress

  • Installing WordPress through an auto-installer script

  • The wp-admin panel

  • WordPress Admin Conventions

  • Publishing Blog Posts

  • Discussion on the blog– comments

  • Creating Web Pages

  • Media Library

  • Importing/Exporting Content

9. PHP
  • What is XAMPP Server?

  • Basic Syntax of PHP

  • Operators in PHP

  • Conditional Statement

  • PHP Loops

  • PHP Arrays

  • PHP Strings

  • String Functions

  • Form Methods

  • Type of Methods

  • Creating Admin Panel

  • What is control panel?

  • PHP Inbuild Function

  • User-Defined Function

  • PHP Session

  • PHP Cookies

10. MySQL
  • What is MySQL?

  • Create Database for Project

  • Create a MySQL Table Using MySQL and PDO

  • Insert Query

  • Select Query

  • Update Query

  • Delete Query

  • MySQL Search

  • PHP File Upload with MySQL

  • Creating Pagination with PHP and MySQL

  • MySQL Joins

  • MySQL Trigger

11. AJAX
  • What Is AJAX?

  • JSON Object

  • Basics of REST

  • Basics of API

  • Difference Between REST and RESTful

  • Connection of REST and HTTP

  • What is REST API?

  • Why do We Need REST API?

  • Where is REST API used?

  • Consume REST API in PHP

  • Fetch Records through CURL

  • Learn to Work with JWT (JSON Web Tokens) in PHP

12. Uploading Website On Server
  • Choosing a Reliable Web Hosting Company

  • Choosing Website Upload Method

  • File Manager

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  • Uploading Website File

  • Moving Website Files to Main Root Directory

  • Importing Database

  • Checking If Website Works as Expected

13. Introduction to ReactJS
  • What is ReactJS?

  • Basics of ReactJS

  • Role of ReactJS in website development

14. Introduction to AngularJS
  • What is AngularJS?

  • Basics of AngularJS

  • Role of Angular in website development


Contact Details

2. Apponix Academy

Apponix is known for offering offline and online web development courses in Pune. The institute is committed to professionalism and quality services, evident in its courses and training methods. It is constantly thriving for excellence, adopting a creative approach to impart education. 

It has trained over 15,000 students till now, creating a huge community of happy learners. Apponix sticks to a holistic approach to meet the long-term demands of employers and freshers. It focuses on building a strong foundation for a successful career and offers 100% practical-oriented courses to aspiring developers. Enrol in its extensive web design courses in Pune to get all the help you need to make a good career. 

Curriculum Overview of Apponix Academy’s Website Development Course in Pune

  • Understanding HTML

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2 & CSS3)

  • Introduction to SCSS

  • Bootstrap

  • JavaScript

  • Jquery and jQuery UI

  • SEO Concepts

  • Live Website Design Project

  • Hosting First Website

  • PHP, MySQL 

Contact Details

  • Phone: +91-9069980888

  • Email: info@apponix.com

  • Website: https://www.apponix.com/

3. SourceKode

SourceKode is a top-rated institute providing IT training and web development classes in Pune to budding developers and working professionals. Its intense training programs intend to prepare jobseekers and freshers for a successful career in the tech industry. 

Hence, its experienced trainers assist them in enhancing their skills and knowledge. They help trainees become proficients and acquire prowess that no other institute or college can provide. 

As a good institute for web development courses in Pune, SourceKode transforms beginners into experts who can develop responsive websites seamlessly and handle complex development projects efficiently. It also helps you find the best professional opportunities in this highly-competitive industry. 

Curriculum Overview of SourceKode’s Web Development Training in Pune

  • Introduction

  • Environment

  • Syntax Overview

  • Variable Types

  • Constants

  • Operator Types

  • Decision Making

  • Loop Types

  • Arrays

  • Strings

  • Web Concepts

  • File Inclusion

  • Files and I/O

  • Functions

  • Cookies

  • Sessions

  • Sending Emails

  • PHP File Uploading

  • PHP Coding Standard

  • What is AJAX?

  • AJAX Technologies

  • AJAX Examples

  • Browser Support

  • AJAX in Action

  • AJAX XMLHttpRequest

  • AJAX Database

  • AJAX Security

  • Issues with AJAX

  • Overview

  • Syntax

  • Enabling

  • Placement

  • Variables

  • Operators

  • If..Else

  • Switch Case

  • While Loop

  • For..Loop

  • For..In

  • Loop Control

  • Functions

  • Events

  • Cookies

  • Page Redirect

  • Dialog Boxes

  • Void Keyword

  • Page Printing


Contact Details

  • Phone: +91 8408839923, +91 7768868948

  • Email: info@sourcekode.in

  • Website: https://www.sourcekode.in/

4. Bitcode

If you are a graduate, fresher, or experienced professional looking for web development and web design courses in Pune, then Bitcode is a good destination. It offers comprehensive training for students from different academic and professional backgrounds, helping them upskill themselves to meet industry standards. 

Its web expert training program is designed to cover every aspect, from fundamentals to advanced concepts, of web development. It is a completely practical-oriented course with projects and regular assessments. You will work on various assignments to make your learning concrete. 

With regular mentoring from their trainers, you will be able to develop feature-rich websites in no time. Get in touch with the team for further information about the web development course duration and fees in Pune.  

Curriculum Overview of Bitcode’s Web Development Classes in Pune

  • Knowledge about basic JavaScript usage

  • Flow Control

  • Functions

  • JavaScript built-in, custom Objects

  • Browser Object Model( BOM)

  • Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Event Bubbling, Capturing

  • Function Expressions, Closures

  • Cookies

  • Iterators, Generators

  • Regular Expressions

  • Exception Handling

  • AJAX

  • XML in JavaScript

  • JSON parsing

  • History, Vision And Future Of HTML5

  • Getting Started With HTML5

  • Structure Of A Web Page

  • Forms API

  • HTML5 Canvas


  • Audio And Video

  • Data Storage

  • HTML5 Offline Applications

  • HTML5 Geolocation

  • HTML5 Web Workers

  • HTML5 Messaging APIs

  • Web Sockets

  • Communication APIs

  • Working with Drag and Drop

  • Introduction

  • Selectors

  • Box Model

  • Backgrounds and Borders

  • Text Effects

  • 2D/3D Transformations

  • Animations

  • Multiple Column Layout

  • User Interface

  • Media Queries

  • Pseudo Classes

  • Attribute Selectors

  • PHP Basics

  • Installing PHP

  • Basic Scripting

  • PHP Building Blocks

  • PHP Structures

  • Function

  • Array

  • Object Oriented PHP

  • Working with Forms

  • Working with Files

  • Database Integration - MySQL

  • ShellCommands

  • Dates

  • Cookies

  • Session Management

  • Exception Handling

  • Input Sanitization

Contact Details

  • Phone: +91 - 98811 25904, +91 - 98811 25904

  • Email: info@bitcode.in

  • Website: https://bitcode.in/

5. Technogeeks

Technogeeks offers full-stack web development courses in Pune with placement assistance. Its team of world-class mentors guide you at every step and provide the industry insights you need to explore the best and most lucrative opportunities. 

Its courses help you gain industry-based skills and proficiency required to develop responsive websites and applications. You learn backend and frontend development and also get a fair understanding of web designing, deployment, testing, and maintenance. You can choose from different web development courses in Pune based on your interest. 

Curriculum Overview of Technogeeks Website Development Training in Pune

Modules may vary based on the course you select from the following options:

  • Full Stack Web Development with React 

  • Full Stack Web Development with Angular

  • Full Stack Web Development with Java

  • Full Stack Web Development with Django and Python

Contact Details

  • Phone: +91 8600998107, +91 7028710777

  • Email: contact@technogeekscs.co.in

  • Website: https://technogeekscs.com/

6. Profound Edutech

Profound Edutech is driven by one mission: to equip its students with the right blend of a fair understanding of fundamentals and knowledge of the latest trends in the IT sector. The institute works hard to achieve this goal as it believes it’s the key to increasing its employability quotient. 

As technology is evolving rapidly, Profound Edutech, an emerging institute for web design courses in Pune, ensures to update the skills of its students through tailor-made courses. Its training programs will help you learn server-side and client-side development, build portfolio-worthy websites and find a secure job in a top company. 

The institute is also trusted to bring together students, educational institutes, and companies. Hence, it has partnered with top recruiters and conducts placement fairs regularly. Profound is certainly one of the best choices for courses on web development in Pune and deserves a place on our list. 

Curriculum Overview of Profound Infotech’s Web Design Course in Pune

  • HTML 5 and CSS 3.

  • Bootstrap

  • JavaScript

  • Angular Framework

  • Code, build, and deploy an Angular app 

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Server-Side JS & NoSQL Database

  • React JS

Contact Details

  • Phone: 020-25442223, 8983012051/52/55

  • Email: enquiry@profoundedutech.com

  • Website: https://www.profoundedutech.com/

7. Zeolearn

Zeolearn is a trusted institute for beginners to start their web development journey and for those already part of the industry. Its online web development courses in Pune and training programs not only guide budding developers in the right direction but also upskill working professionals for accelerated career growth. 

Their classes are immersive, interactive, and fun, where trainers encourage group discussions and address all queries. You also get to work on hands-on projects, which are necessary to gain practical experience before you kickstart your professional journey. 

Join Zeolearn’s full-stack development courses in Pune and get the chance to learn from the best mentors. Apart from training you, they will also assist you in building a strong portfolio. 

Curriculum Overview of Zeolearn’s Web Development Course in Pune

  • Adobe Flex

  • Advanced Java

  • Akka With Java

  • Akka With Scala

  • Angular 11

  • Angular Material

  • ASP.NET Using C#

  • Aurelia

  • Back-End Development Bootcamp

  • Backbone JS

  • Bootstrap

  • Bourbon Neat, Bitters, And Refills

  • Cake PHP

  • Django

  • Drupal

  • ElasticSearch

  • ELM Training

  • EmberJS

  • ExtJS

  • Flask

  • Foundation

  • Front-End Development Bootcamp

  • Frontend Web Development

  • Full Stack Developer Career Track Bootcamp

  • Groovy On Grails

  • HTML5 And CSS3

  • IBM Bluemix For Cloud Apps Development

  • JavaScript Development

  • JQuery

  • Kendo UI

  • Master GWT

  • Master TurboGears

  • MEAN Stack Development

  • Meteor JS

  • NodeJS

  • PHP Development With The Laravel Framework

  • PHP, MYSQL, And CodeIgniter

  • Pyramid

  • Python, Django, And MySQL

  • React JS

  • React Native

  • Ruby On Rails

  • Spring Framework

  • VBScript

  • VueJS

  • WebRTC

  • Yii PHP

  • Zend

Contact Details

  • Phone: +91-7619140333

  • Email: hello@zeolearn.com

  • Website: https://www.zeolearn.com/

8. 3RI Technologies

3RI Technologies has been providing online and offline training programs since 2010. It covers a wide range of software, web, and app development courses, including different programming languages and frameworks. 

Its experienced trainers ensure high-quality training, smart classes, and a seamless learning experience. You also work on real-time projects, which hone your practical skills and make you career-ready. 

It offers web development courses in Pune with placement, where mentors give you professional guidance, share industry insights, and connect you with its hiring partners. Get in touch with the team of 3RI Technologies now and get further details about the course, curriculum, and fee. 

Curriculum Overview of 3RI Technologies’ Courses on Web Development in Pune

  • HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language

  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheet

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • AJAX


  • Web-Based Python Framework

  • Database Handling with Python

Contact Details

  • Phone: +91-830 810 3366, +91-955 256 3869

  • Email: enquiry@3ritechnologies.com

  • Website: https://www.3ritechnologies.com/

9. IT View

ITView is known for its best web development courses in Pune. The institute is trusted for its top-notch quality education, dedicated support team, extensive curriculum, and practical approach. With its interactive classes, it empowers students with key skills that make them top candidates in the IT sector. 

It regularly updates its courses to align with industry trends and standards. Moreover, ITView has created an encouraging learning infrastructure and trains its students through cutting-edge software that promises a great learning experience. You also get to work on several live projects that assess your knowledge and guide you in the right direction. By the end of its web development classes in Pune, you also get help with resume development, interview preparation, and placement. 

Curriculum Overview of IT View’s Web Development Training in Pune

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Bootstrap

  • Backend Development Using Python

  • Python Framework (Django)

  • Back End Development Using Java

  • Advanced Java (J2EE) 

  • Java Frameworks

Contact Details

  • Phone: +91 8484038466 / 7499118466 

  • Email: inquiry@itview.in

  • Website: https://www.itview.in/

10. Codekul

Codekul is a leading institute offering the best web development courses in Pune with a primary focus on providing quality training to beginners and working professionals. Throughout the course, the team emphasises implementation and practical approaches to prepare future leaders. 

The trainers guide students throughout to turn them into technical experts with a positive attitude. Codekul bridges the gap between budding developers and corporate sectors by honing practical skills. It trains them according to industry standards so they can start their company soon. 

Curriculum Overview of Codekul’s Web Design Classes in Pune

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Bootstrap

  • Angular

  • NodeJs

  • ExpressJs

  • MEAN Stack

Contact Details

  • Phone: +91 7875330760

  • Email: getin@codekul.com

  • Website: http://www.codekul.com/

Recap: List of Web Development Classes in Pune

So, finally, here we have the list of best web development and design classes in the city of Pune in 2024:

  1. WsCube Tech

  2. Apponix Academy

  3. SourceKode

  4. Bitcode

  5. Technogeeks

  6. Profound Edutech

  7. Zeolearn

  8. 3RI Technologies

  9. IT View

  10. Codekul

FAQs Related to Courses on Web Development in Pune

Here are some of the primary questions students ask about web development and web design courses in Pune (Maharashtra).

1. Which is the best institute for web development training in Pune?

Among all the Pune web development courses mentioned in the list, WsCube Tech is the most trusted choice. Trainees, from freshers and freelancers to working professionals, rely on its extensive courses to acquire web development skills. 

The online classes are conducted by experienced trainers who have worked for top brands. They have handled several projects over the years and are always happy to share their knowledge and expertise with others. 

Upon completing the course, you get 100% job assistance and an industry-recognized certificate, helping you take your first steps in the industry.

2. What does a web developer do?

Job roles and descriptions of a web developer include:

  • Designing the user interface and navigation menus

  • Writing code for sites

  • Integrating multimedia content

  • Testing websites and web applications for bugs

  • Troubleshooting problems 

  • Ensuring a seamless user experience

  • Coordinating with designers, developers, testers, and stakeholders

3. What are web development course fees in Pune?

The fee for web development training in Pune may vary based on various factors, such as institute, course duration, curriculum, modules, job assistance, etc. Generally, the fees may range from ₹10,000-40,000.

4. How long does it take to complete a web development course?

A web development training program can take 3-7 months to complete. You can choose the course based on the time you can commit. 

5. What makes WsCube Tech the top web development institute in Pune?

Despite having a plethora of options, students prefer WsCube Tech for full-stack development courses in Pune. Features that make us trusted by over 2 million students are:

  • Practical-approach to learning

  • Dedicated doubt sessions

  • Free demo classes

  • Online and offline classes

  • Comprehensive curriculum

  • Expert trainers

  • Hands-on experience

  • Guaranteed job assistance

  • Professional certificate

6. What do I learn in web development training in Pune?

A web development course in Pune makes you proficient in the following areas:

  • Coding and programming (HTML and CSS)

  • Backend web programming languages, such as PHP, C#, Java, and Ruby

  • Frontend development using AJAX, JavaScript, etc.

  • Creating excellent user experience and interface

  • Visual designing

  • A fair understanding of SEO

  • Software designing

  • Web servers and their function


These are the top 10 web development institutes in Pune known for their top-notch training programs and dedicated services. Explore each option carefully based on their syllabus, fees, mentors, and other factors, to make an informed decision. Selecting the most suitable institute for web development training will take you a step closer to your dream career. So, wait no more and get started now.