jQuery Tutorial

What is jQuery? What is Use of jQuery? Features & Introduction

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a small, feature-rich, fast, and cross-platform JavaScript library. Its purpose is to make client-side scripting in HTML easier. 

The primary goal of jQuery is to make using JavaScript on your website as simple as possible to make it more interactive and appealing. 

Also known as “write less, do more”, jQuery binds a lot of everyday tasks that require a large number of lines of JavaScript code into methods. Hence, these can be called with a single line of code whenever needed.

jQuery library can also simplify a lot more challenging aspects of JavaScript, such as AJAX calls and DOM manipulation. Overall, jQuery makes the use of JavaScript on your website easily manageable.

What is jQuery?

What Are Key Features of jQuery?

Let’s go through the primary jQuery features:

  • HTML manipulation

  • DOM manipulation

  • DOM element selection

  • CSS manipulation

  • Effects and animations

  • Utilities

  • AJAX

  • HTML event methods

  • JSON Parsing

  • Extensibility through plugins

What is jQuery Used For?

Now that you have learned the jQuery definition, you must understand the use cases of jQuery. Below, you will learn what is jQuery used for, and why is it used.

  • jQuery is fast and easy to customize.

  • It allows users to write UI-related function code in the fewest lines possible.

  • It enhances an application's performance.

  • jQuery enables cross-browser compatibility for websites and web apps. 

  • It mostly makes use of new browser features.


So, out of all the JavaScript Frameworks, jQuery is the most popular and extensible. jQuery is used by many of the world's most well-known companies, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Netflix.

Is jQuery Cross-Browser Compatible?

The jQuery team is well-versed in cross-browser issues, and this knowledge has been incorporated into the jQuery Library. As a result, all significant browsers will run jQuery in the same way.

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