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Tutorials Freak is your one-stop platform for clear, concise, crispy, and verified tutorials related to programming, web/app development, cybersecurity, latest technologies, and much more.

Available on both website and mobile app, Tutorials Freak offers comprehensive yet concise tutorials in the form of written content, videos, examples, and quizzes.

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About Tutorials Freak

Tutorials Freak came into existence with the idea of creating comprehensive yet concise online content for everyone who is interested in acquiring today’s in-demand skills. From programming languages, web development and app development, to cybersecurity, modern technologies, and digital marketing, we are covering everything in a simplified manner.

To ensure that anyone can learn new skills and upgrade existing ones, the entire content is covered from basic to advanced levels. Our team of tech writers, developers, trainers, and marketers work hand-in-hand to curate top-notch content.
We jumpstarted this journey way back in 2016, with video tutorials on YouTube. Within a span of just five years, more than 10 lakh learners became part of our journey. This motivated us to create the tutorials in written form as well, along with practical examples, quizzes, and certification.

The passionate team at Tutorials Freak is driven by the mission of making it easy for everyone to learn IT skills.

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What Makes Us Most Trusted Platform for Online Tutorials?

Verified by Tech Experts

To ensure that our learners get highly accurate & technically sound content, the entire content is verified by professional developers and technology freaks. Whether it is web development, programming, digital marketing, or cybersecurity, we have experts in the field.

Simplified Mobile Learning

Tutorials Freak is available in the form of the website and mobile application both. With the application, you get hundreds of tutorials handy. You have the choice of learning at your own pace and shaping your own path, from anywhere, anytime.

Dual Learning Methods

The entire content on Tutorials Freak comes in both written and video forms. Once you study the textual part, you can learn for free with the practical videos created by our professional trainers. Additionally, you can practice with examples and quizzes.

Kushagra Bhatia

Founder of Tutorials Freak

Kushagra Bhatia is an M.Tech. in Computer Science and a technology enthusiast. He has more than a decade of experience in the IT industry covering web development, app development, SDLC, and digital marketing.

He started Tutorials Freak with the zeal to develop the most robust online learning platform for IT freaks. He stepped into the world of online training in 2011 with a mission to enable impactful learning for everyone who wants to build a career in the IT industry.

Over the years, he has worked with hundreds of experts in this industry to build quality courses in video form. To take the initiative further, he laid the foundation of Tutorials Freak in 2020 with a team of 10 experienced technical writers and an in-house team of developers & trainers.

His mission with Tutorials Freak is to provide top-quality tutorials with a wholesome learning experience, without compromising on the level of quality. He closely keeps track of the way today’s learners seek the content and revamps the strategy accordingly.

He believes that technology, innovation, and creativity are the foundation for skill development and upgrading from legacy education.

For Tutorials Freak, he is leading the in-house innovations, business planning, execution, content strategy, finance, and complete business development. In addition to this platform, he is the founder of WsCube Tech (a renowned digital marketing company), and Geekologix (India’s top web & app development company).

Connect with him on :  LinkedLinkedIn