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What is Wi-Fi Card in PC or Laptop? Types of Wi-Fi Cards

What is a Wi-Fi Card?

Another element of the Wi-Fi network is a wireless network card. It is one of the wireless terminal equipment which helps to surf the Internet through a wireless connection network via the wireless local area network (WLAN). 

In layman’s terms, the wireless network card is a device that stays free from a connection to the network cable. These cards allow the wireless signal to transfer through internal or external mediums. WiFi cards are also referred to as adapters.

Wi-Fi Card

Types of Wi-Fi Cards

There are two types of Wi-Fi cards:

  • PCI wireless network card or USB wireless network card

This type of Wi-Fi card is mainly suitable for the installation of wireless network cards on desktop computers specifically as the network speed offered is low and limited in nature.

  • 3G wireless network card similar to a U disk

This card allows access to the internet through the 3G network of the cellular connection wirelessly. 

Because the main functionality of the PCI wireless network card or USB wireless network card works in accordance with the initial notebook wireless network cards, the formed signal seems useful and works only around a nearby wireless router or some nearby wireless Wi-Fi hotspots.

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