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5 Best Wi-Fi Alternatives You Must Know

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Best Alternatives for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is virtually present everywhere. When it comes to networking technologies, Wi-Fi always gains the limelight. This is because of its widespread recognition and popularity among its users. 

There are, however, many other alternatives as well for connecting devices to home networks and the internet. Although Wi-Fi meets all the requirements significantly, we should be aware of other alternative Wi-Fi options as well. 

A few of the alternatives for Wi-Fi are listed as follows:

1) Cellular Networks

5G/4G LTE cellular data forms is a reliable Wi-Fi alternative for mobile devices that just require an internet connection and no access to local resources. 

This can be a suitable Wi-Fi alternative, especially for devices that are used much outside of the home and need to be on the internet always. Such data networks can facilitate good downloading speed and internet usability, proving to be a good alternative to Wi-Fi.

2) Ethernet

When it comes to networking, ethernet is considered to be king. Ethernet is one of the most important connectivity standards. 

Although the convenience of Wi-Fi has largely pushed ethernet out of the limelight, it is still a very useful technology for networking. While it is not particularly useful for mobile devices, it is a great option for desktop computers, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. 

3) Bluetooth

Many of us are aware of this feature of Bluetooth that is available on our devices. Bluetooth provides the facility to send data across short distances using wireless technology. 

Bluetooth has even improved drastically on the grounds of power consumption. Its network connectivity is a fairly apt alternative to Wi-Fi if there is a need to send information across small distances. 

4) Powerline Networking

Connection with powerline networking is usually quite similar to straight ethernet connectivity and is much more stable as compared to Wi-Fi in most cases. 

When it comes to the genre of gaming, powerline is the second most-preferred option after ethernet. In most cases, switching from Wi-Fi to powerline networking can make your connection much more stable.

5) Zigbee

Another alternative to the Wi-Fi network and connectivity is Zigbee. It functions via an amalgamated structure— a collection of various sensors and networks to provide uninterrupted data to the systems. 

Such a clarified distribution of signals enables ease of data transfer and faster communication. It is definitely one of the best Wi-Fi alternatives. 

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