Web Application Penetration Testing Tutorial For Beginners

What is Web Application Penetration Testing? Its Role

Introduction to Web App Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the process where applications or infrastructure is assessed to discover vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be there in the system because of misconfigurations, poor architecture, insecure programming, etc.

Pentesting will provide an actionable report about vulnerabilities so that pentesters or security analysts can fix them and implement further best practices. The vulnerabilities discovered during pentesting are assigned a severity score or risk rating to prioritize their remediation. 

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Role of Web Application Penetration Testing (Need)

Cyberattacks all around the world are constantly rising. The reputation, sensitive data, and financial assets are at risk. For instance, the WannaCry ransomware threat in 2017 locked over 2 lac systems globally and asked for huge ransoms through Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Such cyber-attacks occur because of loopholes and vulnerabilities in the systems. This is why it has become essential to perform penetration testing and find & fix the exploitable loopholes. 

The primary roles of pentesting are to:

  • Secure confidential data

  • Detect loopholes in the system

  • Find vulnerabilities in apps

  • Assess the impact of cyberattacks on business

  • Meet the regulatory security compliances

  • Apply strong security strategy

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