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What is Bug Reporting in Testing? Bug Report Meaning

What is Bug Reporting?

A bug is generally a flaw or error in a system or program that can lead to making the software or system work in unintended ways or cause unexpected outcomes. 

In short, you can say that a bug is something that you would not want in your system, website, app, or software. 

What is a Bug Report?

Well, it is the process of creating a particular report to specify the information about the bugs, as well as what is wrong and the steps needed to be taken to fix those issues. 

In a bug report, there should also be the reasons behind the bugs, errors caused, what is affected, and what needs to be done to resolve them. 

The characteristics of a good bug report is that it is clear, actionable, and easy to complete. It is because if the report is not clear and simple, it would be difficult to take proper actions to fix those bugs.

Importance of Bug Reporting

No user would want to use software, app, or system that doesn’t work as intended. It is bad for the user experience. The reason a software or system doesn’t work the way it is supposed to be is because of the bugs.

By finding and creating a proper report of bugs, it becomes easier for developers, software testers, penetration testers, and QA teams to fix those bugs. 

This is the reason companies have a dedicated team of testers of different types to avoid security issues, improve user experience, and make the solution work flawlessly. 

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