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What is System Hacking in Ethical Hacking? Meaning & Definition

What is Exploitation in Ethical Hacking?

The meaning of exploitation in ethical hacking or cybersecurity is to take advantage of the vulnerabilities for doing unauthorized activities in a computer, device, or system, operating system, application, etc. These vulnerabilities can be a bug, outdated software, libraries, and more. 

Meaning of System Hacking in Cyber Security

System hacking is the process of hacking a system, such as computers, laptops, and relevant software, to steal data and confidential information. 

In system hacking, the attackers find and exploit the vulnerabilities in the systems for illegal benefits and unauthorized data access. For this, they find the information about the system, network, as well as relevant parts of computer science. 

Since the internet-connected systems are somehow vulnerable, the hackers use techniques like email spamming, social engineering, trojans, worms, phishing, port vulnerabilities, etc., for launching system hacking attacks.

Introduction to Exploiting

Introduction to Exploiting

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