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What Are Local File Inclusion (LFI) & Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Vulnerabilities? Difference Explained

What is Local File Inclusion (LFI) Vulnerability?

It is a web-based vulnerability that occurs because of the flaws at the developers end in the website or web application. Hackers find these vulnerabilities to execute malicious files in the website or web app.

By exploiting this vulnerability, the hackers can access crucial files, confidential data, and run arbitrary commands. 

What is Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Vulnerability?

In RFI attacks, the hackers target web vulnerabilities that are dynamically interacting with external code and scripts. They try to compromise the related functions in the web app or site to find backdoor entries by uploading malware from remote URLs of different domains. 

Advance Testing for LFI/RFI

Advance Testing for LFI/RFI

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