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What is Denial of Service Attack? DoS Attack and Its Types

What is Denial of Service Attack?

DoS attacks are those where the hackers flood a network or system with heavy traffic. The system or the network is crashed or shut down, and becomes inaccessible to the users. 

Mostly, the DoS attacks are carried out on the servers of companies in various industries, like banks, IT firms, eCommerce, government, media portals, etc. While DoS attacks don’t cause data loss or a financial breach, but it costs time and money to tackle such attacks. 

Types of DoS attack

DoS attacks are of two types: flooding and crashing.

  • Flooding

Flooding is when the targeted server or system gets plenty of traffic that can’t be handled. It results in slowing down the server or completely shutting it down. 

  • Crashing

Crashing is when the vulnerabilities in the target source are exploited to crash it. When the server is crashed, it becomes inaccessible to the intended users. 



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