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What is On-Page SEO? Definition, Meaning, Examples

Meaning of On-Page SEO

When you are working on your own website to improve your organic rankings on Google, it is called on-page SEO. For this type of SEO, you have to optimize your website or blog to enable the best possible user experience.

The on-page SEO techniques include the use of proper headings, keywords, meta tags, meta description, title, web page URL, creating unique and marketable content, and optimizing the code. Website speed and mobile friendliness are also the on-page SEO factors that improve rankings. 

Keyword Research for On-Page SEO

To optimize the web pages on your site for SEO, you have to place relevant keywords in meta title, meta description, heading, image alt tags, etc. 

It’s crucial to perform comprehensive keyword research, and do the keyword placement perfectly to optimize the web content for the right audience.

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