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What is Internal Linking in SEO? Anchor Text, Link Title

What is Anchor Text?

The clickable text with a hyperlink is called the anchor text. Generally, browsers show it blue and underlined.

The aim of using an anchor text is to offer users and search engines more relevant content available at the destination of the link. 

  • Ensure that the link on the anchor text should be relevant to the users. 

  • The keyword density of anchor text should be low.

  • It should not be a generic word, like ‘click here’.

What is Link Title?

The link title attribute is used to provide information about the link. When users hover over to the link, it will show the title of the link, so that users know what they will get to see if they click the link.

  • Link titles are user-friendly.

  • Don’t do keyword stuffing in the link title.

  • Keep in mind the users while writing the link title.

  • Don’t manipulate users with a wrong link title.

What is Internal linking in SEO?

The links on your site from one page to another on the same site are called internal links. These links are useful for visitors and search engines to find other content on the site. 

Internal links also facilitate navigation across the site and help users to find required web pages easily. 

Links to the services/products on the menu or homepage, links to your other articles in a blog post, etc. are examples of internal linking.

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