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Free Website Traffic Tracking Tools for SEO

Role of Tools to Track Website Activities

Website tracking tools are used to track the activities on your website to learn how your SEO efforts are performing. 

With these tools, you can find insights about:

  • Traffic over time

  • Top-performing web pages

  • Visitor location

  • Device use (mobile, desktop, tablet)

  • Bounce rate

And much more...

Google Search Console

Formerly called Google Webmasters Tool, Google Search Console helps you to monitor the site performance, find issues, request crawling for specific web pages, remove pages you don't want to be indexed, identify search queries that bring you traffic, check backlinks to your site, etc. 

If there are issues related to indexing, spam, mobile SEO, usability, etc. the Search Console will notify you so that you can fix them.

Website Tracking Tools for SEO

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to learn and monitor the performance of your content, marketing, eCommerce, products, etc. You can see the traffic patterns on your site by applying filters for time, external/internal traffic, etc. 

It integrates with Google Ads and AdSense to offer unified insights. Ecommerce sites can track their conversions, and understand where the customers are coming from, and measure the ROI of campaigns. 

You can see custom reports and analysis, page views, visitor location, bounce rate, and set & track the goals.

Google Analytics + Google Search Console Full Tutorial for Beginners 🔥

In this tutorial from WsCube Tech, you will learn google search console and google analytics in detail. Both the topics are covered from basic to pro level. Google search console helps the webmasters to check the indexing status, optimize it properly for search engines to crawl and show results. This video will take you through the setup of google search console  to understand full-time reports. You will learn acquisition reports in-depth and how to create segments in analytics. Importing data is also discussed in this full video on the search console.

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