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Page Title, URL Structuring, and Folder Naming

What is Page Title (Title Tag)?

A page title or title tag is simply the title of a web page or blog post. You can see it at the top of a browser window or on a search engine results page. The title tag plays a crucial role in optimizing the web page for search engines

Here are some best practices to set a good page title tag in SEO:

  • Include your primary keyword in the title tag.

  • Keep the title length short, not going beyond 65 characters. Long titles don’t appear properly in SERP

  • Avoid keyword stuffing in the title. Many website owners include multiple keywords in the title to rank for all those keywords. This is a mistake that impacts SEO.

For example:

Learn Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Tips, Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Trainin

  • Don’t create duplicate titles. The title should be based on the intent of the page. 

  • Keep it creative and marketable to drive more clicks.

What is an SEO-friendly URL Structure?

The structure of URLs for every web page should be optimized and in the proper manner. Here are some best practices for a good URL structure:

  • Separate the words in a URL using hyphens (-). Don’t use underscores or any other symbols.

  • Use your primary keyword in the URL.

  • Keep the URL short and precise.

  • Avoid the use of ID numbers or code in URLs.

  • Page URL should show the intent of the web page. For example, if the page is related to ‘digital marketing course’, then the URL structure should be like ‘

  • Always use only lowercase letters in URLs. 

  • Avoid the use of stop words in URLs, like ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’.

What is Folder Naming?

Folder naming comes into the scene when you have multiple categories of posts or products on your site. If there are sub-categories also, then the URL structure process is important to be done right. 

Without having the right folder naming, things might become a bit confusing for search engine algorithms to decide what category a product or post belongs to. 

The structure should go like this: Main Folder > Sub-Folder > Product

For example:

Folder (Electronics)

Sub-folder (Laptop)

Product (Dell)

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