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What Are Meta Tags in SEO? All Meta Tags for SEO Explained

What are Meta Tags in SEO?

Meta tags are used by search engines to understand the context of a web page. These tags are not visible on the web page, but in the HTML code. Search engine crawlers can read these tags.

The use of meta tags can help in improving the SEO as these tell crawlers what the web page is about. 

Meta tags can include several elements like the title and description of the web page.

What is Meta Description in SEO?

The meta description is a short description of the web page that defines the purpose of a web page to the searchers. It appears below the title & URL in the SERP.

The meta description length should be limited to 160 characters. It should be catchy to drive the clicks. Well-written and effective meta descriptions drive more clicks, which eventually improves the ranking of that web page.

What is Meta Description

Include your focus keywords in the meta description, because Google highlights the words in the description if they are the same as the search query. It can drive user attention.

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What are Robots Meta Tags?

Robots meta tags are used to tell the web crawlers about how to crawl the web page, to index the web page or not, to follow the links on a web page or not, etc.

For example, sometimes, there are web pages that you no longer want Google to index. You can use the noindex robot tag in the HTML and stop crawlers from indexing that web page. 

Primary robots tags:

  • Index: By default, a web page has this tag. This tag tells crawlers to index the web page.

  • Noindex: To stop crawlers from indexing a page, this tag can be used in HTML. 

  • Follow: It tells the crawlers to follow the links used on the web page.

Nofollow: If you don’t want crawlers to follow the links on a page, use the no-follow tag.

What are Meta Keywords in SEO?

Meta keywords are also used in the HTML code to tell search engines the main keywords related to the web page content. The difference between regular keywords and meta keywords is that the meta keywords remain behind the scenes, rather than being visible on the page. 

Though meta keywords no longer play a big role in improving SEO because of many website owners tricking the crawlers, there is no harm in using the right keywords in meta. 

What is Redirection Tag?

The redirection technique is used to send the visitors from a web page to another page, automatically. Sometimes, it is done if you have changed the URL of a page, deleted the old one and created new, permanently deleted pages and don’t want to show errors, etc. 

Use of the following redirection tag in html can help in setting up redirection for a web page:

<!DOCTYPE html>



      <meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "seconds; 

url" />



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