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Image SEO: Image Name, Title, and ALT Tags

Image Name for SEO

Before uploading an image to the website, you should change its filename. Don’t upload it with names like ‘IMG_2020”. If it’s an image of India Gate, you can keep the filename as ‘india-gate-delhi’. 

Use hyphens (-) between the words. It’s a good practice. 

Keeping Image Title for SEO

Image titles play a good role in SEO while appearing in image search results. If you don’t keep the image title, Google will have to generate an automatic title that may or may not be accurate. 

To improve the rankings in Image Search, image titles shouldn’t be missed. Define the intent of the image so that it becomes relatable to the user query. 

Moreover, image titles are visible when the visitors hover their mouse over the image. So, having the right image title is also good for the user experience.

What are Alt Tags in SEO?

In most cases, search engines can’t read your images if they miss alt tags. Like the page title, the alt tags define the image content and subject matter to the search engines. 

Try to have your focus keyword in the alt tag to improve rankings in Google Images.

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