SEO Tutorial

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO?

Create a Sheet

Create a spreadsheet and add the following columns to it:

  • Keyword

  • Volume (Monthly Searches)

  • Difficulty

Curate suitable phrases

Now, first, find suitable phrases related to your business/content.

Use keyword research tool

Once done, enter the phrase into the keyword research tool and start searching. For example, you are searching for ‘digital marketing’. 

The tool will then show several keywords related to this phrase, like ‘digital marketing agency’, ‘what is digital marketing’, ‘digital marketing course’, ‘digital marketing jobs’, and so on.

Collect relevant keywords

Fill all the relevant keywords in your sheet along with the monthly search volume and difficulty. If some keyword is not appropriate for your content, you can avoid noting it down.

For example, if you are looking for keywords related to a digital marketing agency, you might not like to include keywords related to digital marketing courses.


Repeat the same process for the other suitable phrases you had found to perform keyword research.

In the end, you will have 100+ keyword ideas useful for your content. Try to make use of more long-tail keywords that have low difficulty and low competition. 

The informational keywords curated in your research are great to be used for blog post topics.

Keyword Research Strategy: How to Do Keyword Research, Tips, Tools & Examples

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