SEO Tutorial

How to Create SEO Strategy?

Step by Step Process to Create Solid SEO Strategy

1. Analyze and note down your current SEO performance.

2. Analyze the SEO strategies of your competitors. Find their top-ranking keywords, pages, etc.

3. Set goals and KPIs for your website to decide the outcome you want and the areas to focus on.

4. Research and create a spreadsheet having a list of keywords you want to rank for.

5. Find the long-tail keywords related to the list of keywords created in the above step.

6. Audit the existing content of your site and find the pages related to the decided keywords. Before creating new content for these keywords, first, update the existing content.

7. Start new content creation around these keywords, while maintaining quality and uniqueness.

8. Audit the on-page SEO of your site and check whether every ranking factor is used properly- meta tags, title, headings, internal linking, etc.

9. Fix the issues found after auditing. 

10. Work on off-page SEO by creating backlinks from authoritative and trusted websites. Build both do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

11. Analyze your site’s key metrics performance every week to see if things are improving.

12. Keep analyzing and improving.

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What is Link Juice?

The amount of authority and benefits that a backlink or internal link can pass is called the link juice. A link on a web page that has high Pagerank will pass more link juice than a web page with low Pagerank.

If your site has backlinks from many authoritative sites, the more link juice your site receives from those links. Link juice also works in internal linking.

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