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9 Advanced Tips and Tricks of Google Search

Minus Symbol

You can use the minus symbol (-) in a search query to eliminate the results that you don’t want to explore.

For example, if you search for ‘best app -android’, the SERP will not show any result that has Android in it. 

Google Search Tricks


If you search for ‘digital marketing course’, there will be results containing these words, but not in exact order. To find the results in exact order, just add the quotations and then search for “digital marketing course”.

Specific Website Results

If you search for a phrase and want all the search results from a single website, then use this- ‘keyword’. 

For example, if you search for SEO and want results from Neil Patel’s website only, then try- seo

Search by File Type

Want to find specific file types in the search results? Use ‘filetype:(format) keyword’ to do it

For example, to find PDF files related to SEO, search filetype:pdf seo, and click enter.

Google Search Hacks

Find Related Websites

Find Related Websites

Advance search in Google

Reverse Image Search

If you have a photo on your computer and want to find information related to it, you can perform a reverse image search. Open Google Image Search and upload the photo there. 

For example, if you upload a photo of India Gate there, it will show information related to the image. It may also show the websites on which the image is available as well as similar images.

Google Advance search

Search Definitions

If you want to find the definition of something, just search for define:(keyword). For example, search for define:computer to know the definition of a computer. 

Advance search in Google

Direct Calculations

Google Search can also be used to perform direct calculations, such as 20% of 500, 99*45*42, sin90, and it will show the answer. 

Search tricks in Google

Barrel Roll

In the search bar, type “do a barrel roll’ and click search or hit enter. The screen will start rolling.

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