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What is Google Pagerank and How to Increase It?

What is Google Pagerank?

Google Pagerank is a system developed by Google to show the authority level of a website. Before showing the rank, it analyzes the website’s quality and authority, and then shows the result between 1 to 10. 

Mostly, Pagerank is determined by the number of backlinks to a website, with the authority of the source website and its Pagerank playing a major role.

How to Increase PageRank of Website?

Google Pagerank can be improved using the following tips:

  • Build or earn backlinks from authority websites. A backlink from a website with Pagerank 6 is more valuable than multiple backlinks from websites with Pagerank 2.

  • Anchor text used for a backlink is crucial. Don’t get backlinks on generic keywords.

  • Improve internal linking structure on your website.

  • Don’t solely focus on do-follow links. Also, build no-follow links to maintain the ratio.

  • Don’t get backlinks from low-quality or spammy websites. It will decline your Pagerank and ranking in SERP.

  • The anchor text used plays a good role in increasing the chances of a link being clicked. The more a backlink is clicked, the better it is for SEO. 

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