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What is Domain Authority (DA) in SEO? How to Improve DA of Website?

What is Domain Authority?

DA is the score of a website’s ability to rank in search engine results, which is determined on the basis of the number of backlinks, quality of backlinks, content quality on the website, among multiple other factors. 

The domain authority of a website ranges between 1 to 100. Higher the DA, the more chances of it to rank.

What is Importance of Domain Authority?

The DA is important because it is a representation of the authority of your site. By checking the DA, you can understand the level of credibility your site possesses in the eyes of search engines. 

You can also check the DA of your competitors and compare yours with them to better know the difference in SEO. You can then revamp your strategy and improve your domain authority.

How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of Website?

1. Audit your website to find and fix broken links, dead backlinks, and get rid of any black hat SEO tricks (if used).

2. Build backlinks on websites that have high domain authority.

3. Get rid of spammy content or comments on the site.

4. Improve internal linking structure.

5. Enhance the load speed of the website.

6. Work on on-page SEO.

7.Publish high-quality and unique content. 

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