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What Are Main Types of SEO in Digital Marketing?

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  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO
  • What is White Hat SEO & Gray Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO? - Techniques of SEO
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White Hat SEO

When a website or blog follows the SEO techniques as per the rules of the search engines, it is White Hat SEO. The intent of this SEO technique is to create content completely focused on end-users. 

White hat SEO needs patience and may take some time to rank higher among search results, but it provides sustainable and genuine results. Your website doesn’t remain at any risk of getting banned or penalized by Google.

Example of white hat SEO:

Creating unique and relevant content followed by thorough keyword research, getting backlinks naturally from high-authority & relevant websites or blogs, accelerating website speed, optimizing the website for mobile devices, etc.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a get-rich-quick method for websites that want to gain higher rankings on Google in a quick time. Google doesn’t like this technique because the content of such websites is optimized only for search engines, and not for the end-users. 

What some websites do is break the rules of search engines for instant higher rankings, but it is not good for the site in the long run. Google ultimately catches it, and may either ban the content or website or stop showing up in search results. 

Example of Black Hat SEO:

Creating automated content, keyword stuffing, hidden text or links, doorway pages, article spinning, link manipulation, etc. are some of the main Black Hat SEO techniques. 

Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is something that is not completely white, but not completely black either. The techniques used for this type of SEO are a bit risky. Google may or may not penalize your website. 

Example of Grey Hat SEO:

Use of clickbait content that doesn’t provide any value to the user but drives excessive traffic, high amount of link exchange between websites, buying online reviews, buying backlinks, etc.

What is White Hat SEO & Gray Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO? - Techniques of SEO

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