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ReactJS Rendering Elements: How to Render Element in React?

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  • How to Render React Elements?
  • How to Update an Element in React?

How to Render React Elements?

We have already learned that an element is the smallest renderable unit in React. All React components are made up of elements as they are the building blocks.

const message =

Welcome, Steve


Also, React elements are different from DOM elements. They are simple JavaScript elements with great efficiency. React DOM updates the DOM to match the React elements.

Here’s how to render an element in React:

Having a container or root DOM element is a must to render any element into the browser DOM.

As a convention, a div element is necessary with the id=”root” or id=”app” as the root DOM element. 

Let us consider that our index.html file has the following statement inside it.

How to Update an Element in React?

It is not possible to update React elements once they are created. If you wish to update them, you must use the render() method several times to update the value over time. Let’s see this in an example.

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