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Python Variable Name Rules

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  • What are Variable Name Rules in Python?
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What are Variable Name Rules in Python?

Python is not a "statically typed" programming language. We don't need to define variables or their types before utilizing them. When initially a value is assigned to a variable, it is said to be created. 

A memory region is given a name called a variable. It is a program's fundamental storage unit.

The following are the rules for defining variables in Python:

  • A variable's name must begin with a letter or a single underscore.

  • The initial character in a variable name cannot be a number.

  • In variable names, only alpha-numeric characters and underscores (A-z, 0-9, and _) are permitted.

  • When it comes to variable names, the character case matters (name, Name, and NAME are three different variables).

  • The use of reserved terminology (keywords) in the variable's name is prohibited.


1x wrong variable

 #name wrong variable 

__x wrong variable 

.x wrong variable 

 X. wrong  variable 

 X1 right variable

X_ right variable 

_x right variable

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