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Python String Concatenation Explained with Examples

How to Concatenate Strings in Python?

When you concatenate two or more strings into one, this process is called concatenation. 

The + operator in Python does this. It's as easy as writing two-string literals together to concatenate them. A string can be made to repeat for a defined number of times by using the * operator.


str1 = 'Hello'

str2 ='World!'

# using +

print('str1 + str2 = ', str1 + str2)

# using *

print('str1 * 3 =', str1 * 3)


str1 + str2 =  HelloWorld!
str1 * 3 = HelloHelloHello
Writing two string literals together also concatenates them like + operator.
If we want to concatenate strings in different lines, we can use parentheses.
>>> # two string literals together
>>> 'Hello ''World!'
'Hello World!'
>>> # using parentheses
>>> s = ('Hello '
...      'World')
>>> s
'Hello World'
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