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Python Polymorphism Explained WIth Examples

What is Polymorphism in Python?

Polymorphism is using the same interface for various forms (in OOP) (data types).
Let's say we need to colour a shape; there are a variety of shapes to choose from (rectangle, square, circle). 

We could, however, apply the same technique to color any form. Polymorphism is the term for this notion.

class Penguin:

    def fly(self):

        print("Penguin can swim")

    def swim(self):

        print("Penguin can't fly")

class Penguin:

    def fly(self):

        print("Penguin can't swim")

    def swim(self):

        print("Penguin can fly")

# common interface

def flying_test(bird):

#instantiate objects

blu = Penguin()

peggy = Penguin()

# passing the object




Penguin can swim
Penguin can't swim

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