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Python Logical Operators: Full List With Examples

What are Logical Operators in Python?

True and false are the logical operators used in Python for conditional statements. AND, OR, and NOT are the logical operators in Python. The following conditions are applicable to logical operators.

For AND operator

If both operands (right side and left side) are true, it returns TRUE.

For OR operator

If any of the operands (right side or left side) is true, it returns TRUE.

For NOT operator

If the operand is false, it returns TRUE.


x = True

y = False

print(('x and y is',x and y))

print(('x or y is',x or y))

print(('not x is',not x))


('x and y is', False)
('x or y is', True)
('not x is', False)

Two boolean expressions are combined using Python logical operators. All objects can use logical operations, which include truth tests, identity tests, and boolean operations.

Logical Operators in Python code examples

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