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Python Errors and Built-in Exceptions Explained

What is Errors and Built-In Exceptions in Python

When developing a program, we might make mistakes that cause problems when we try to run it. When a Python program meets an unhandled error, it terminates. These flaws can be classified into two groups:

  • Syntax errors

  • Logical errors (Exceptions)

Exceptions can be made for illegal operations. When equivalent issues occur in Python, a number of built-in exceptions are triggered. Using the built-in local() method, we can see all the built-in exceptions as follows:


A module of built-in exceptions, methods, and attributes will be returned by locals()['__builtins__']. We can list these characteristics as strings using dir.

These are some of the most common built-in exceptions in Python programming, along with the errors that produce them:

Errors and Built-In Exceptions in Python

built-in exceptions in Python programming

built-in exceptions in Python

built-in exceptions in Python

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