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What Are Python Comparison or Relational Operators? With Example

What is Comparison Operator in Python?

In comparison operators in Python, the values on both sides of the operand are compared and the relationship between them is determined. A relational operator is another name for it.

Python has a number of comparison operators ( ==, != , <>, >,<=, etc.).

Example of Python Comparison Operator

We will compare the value of x to the value of y and report the result as true or false for comparison operators. 

As an example, our value of x = 4 is less than y = 5. Thus when we display the value as x>y, it really compares the values of x and y and returns false since the comparison is incorrect.

x = 4

y = 5

print(('x > y  is',x>y))


('x > y is', False)

You can also use other comparison operators. (x < y, x==y, x!=y, etc.)

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