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How to Install Windows XP on VMware?

Installing Windows XP on VMware

Wondering how to install Windows XP on VMware workstation? We have mentioned the step-by-step process below.

  1. Make sure you have VMware Workstation installed on your system. In VMware, click on the Create a New Virtual Machine

  2. When the VM wizard comes, checkmark the Custom (Advanced). Click on Next.

  3. When it asks you to Choose the Virtual Machine Hardware Compatibility, choose the latest version of the VMware program in use. Click on Next.

  4. The next step is for Guest Operating System Installation. From here, checkmark ‘I will install the operating system later’, and click on Next.

  5. Now, it will ask you to Select a Guest Operating System. Choose Microsoft Windows and then choose Windows XP Professional. Click on Next.

  6. It will ask you to enter the name of the VM. In the Virtual Machine Name field, you can write the name of the OS (Windows XP). On the other hand, in the Location field, click on Browse and select the preferred location in your system. Click on Next.

  7. The next step is to configure the processor. Select the number of processors and the number of cores in each processor (according to your system specifications). Click on Next.

  8. Similarly, configure the RAM size for Windows XP based on the RAM capacity of your system. Click on Next.

  9. For an internet connection, it will ask you to choose a network connection. Go with the Use network address translation (NAT) and click on Next.

  10. From the ‘Select I/O Controller Types’ window, choose LSI logic, and click on Next.

  11. From the ‘Select a Disk Type’ window, choose SCSI and click on Next.

  12. In the next window, choose ‘Create a new virtual disk’ and click on Next

  13. From ‘Specify Disk Capacity’, you can go with 20 GB. Select ‘Store virtual disk as a single file’ and click on Next.

  14. Specify the disk file in the next step. You can enter the name and location of the Windows XP VM disk file here. In case you are doing it on an external drive, the disk name is the same as the external drive name. Click on Next.

  15. Here comes the ending stages of VM setup. You are about to create a virtual machine and have the option to customize the hardware. Click on Customize Hardware and checkmark all the three options under Processors > Virtualization Engine. You can also check other hardware settings and make changes. Come back to the ‘Ready to Create Virtual Machine’ window and click on Finish

  16. You are all set now to install Windows XP on the VMware workstation. Click on ‘Power on this virtual machine’ and it is done. 

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