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Introduction to Networking and Its Types

What is Networking?

A network of a number of computing devices connected to each other for communication and sharing data is a computer network. The devices in a network can be laptops, desktops, servers, mobile phones, etc. The process of communication, transmission, and exchange of data, between devices in a network, is called networking.

How Do Networks Work?

In a network, the nodes or devices form connections with each other for communication and sharing of data and resources. There are protocols in a network that represent the way communications are supposed to happen among devices. For each device, there is an IP address which is a string of numbers. Using this number, the other devices can identify that device. 

The communication between different networks is enabled by routers. The further role of routers is to do an analysis of information and find the best path for data transmission. 

In the network, there are some switches that play the role of connecting devices and managing communication from node to node. 

Types of Networks

  • Local Area Network (LAN)

It is the network of connected devices in a physical location, like an office, home, or other building. The size of a LAN can be small or large, depending on where it is used. 

The point worth noting is that the network will be in a limited area. 

  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

MAN is the network of connected devices within a large area, like a big city. It is bigger than the LAN network as it connects devices in multiple buildings within a metropolitan area. 

The term ‘metropolitan’ here describes the size of the area that a MAN can cover. If a city or town is small, then it can cover multiple cities or towns nearby. 

  • Wide Area Network (WAN)

WAN is an extensive network of devices that connects numerous devices from multiple buildings, cities, or regions. 

Large organizations and enterprises that have multiple branches, remote employees, suppliers, etc., use this type of network.

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