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How to Install Metasploitable2 On VMware?

What is Metasploitable2?

It is actually a vulnerable virtual machine based on Linux. Metasploitable2 has been kept vulnerable with the purpose of carrying out security tests, training, and performing a number of important pentesting techniques. 

You can use Metasploitable 2 VM on VMware, VirtualBox, and a number of other virtualization software. 

How to Download Metasploitable2?

  1. To download Metasploitable2 VM, you need to visit the Sourceforge website. Here is the direct link. The file that will be downloaded from here will be over 800 MB. It will take some minutes to download, depending on your internet speed. 

  2. Click on the Download Latest Version button. It will start the process and a zip file will be downloaded on your system. 

Once downloaded, you need to open the zip file to go through the content available in the file. 

How to Install Metasploitable2 on VMware?

  1. Open the Metasploitable2 zip folder and extract the files to some location in your system. 

  2. Now, navigate to VMware and open it. Click on Files. Select Metasploitable2 from the location where you extracted the files and click on Open.

  3. It will open Metasploitable2. Now, click on ‘Power on this virtual machine’ in the top-left corner. 

  4. A prompt will pop up. Click on I copied it. 

  5. It will boot up the Metasploitable2 and request you to enter your username and password. By default, both the username and password are msfadmin. 

In the terminal, the password will remain hidden even when you type it. So, just write the password and hit the Enter key. 

  1. Next, write ipconfig and hit Enter. It will show the IP address of the Metasploitable2. Copy it or note it down because this server is vulnerable.

  2. Next, open a browser in Kali Linux. Paste or write the IP address you saved in the last step and visit it. 

So, this is how to install Metasploitable2 on VMware and use it for security testing purposes. 

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