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Library vs Framework: What is Difference Between Framework and Library?

Table of Contents

  • What is a Library in Programming?
  • What is Framework in Programming?
  • What is Difference Between Library and Framework?
  • Is jQuery a Library or Framework?

What is a Library in Programming?

Libraries in programming are a set of precompiled codes that can be used to write new programs.

It saves a lot of time for programmers and developers since they don’t need to write some common programs from scratch every time. They can simply go to the code library and use the required prewritten code. 

In addition, programmers can save frequently used programs to the library and use them whenever needed. 

What is Framework in Programming?

A framework in programming or a software framework is a set of tools, components, or resources that are readymade, and can be used directly to speed up the development process. 

It works like a template where developers can make changes as required and use it for production. They can replace some features, and add new ones, instead of building everything from scratch. A framework in programming can include a library, documents, images, etc.

What is Difference Between Library and Framework?

The main difference between a framework and a library in development is an inversion of control.

Difference Between Library and Framework

Let's take a closer look at this control inversion.

When you import a programming library, you can call the specific methods or functions of your choice. When and where you call the library is entirely up to you. You are in charge of the flow here.

On the other hand, programming or software framework calls your code and gives you some space to write down details. As a result, when you use a framework, it is in charge of the flow.

  • A library is a collection of programs that perform specific and predefined tasks.

  • A framework is a skeleton filled out by the application to define the "meat" of the operation. Although the structure has code to connect the parts, the application does most of the work.

  • Library itself is part of a framework, but the framework doesn’t come under the library.

Is jQuery a Library or Framework?

The quick answer is that jQuery is a library, not a framework. 

It is a feature-rich JavaScript library that works across various browsers, and simplifies HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and AJAX.

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