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jQuery Traversing Descendants: children() and find() Functions

Understanding Descendants in jQuery Traversing

You can use jQuery to search and find the descendants of elements. For this, you need to traverse down the DOM tree. 

A descendant can be a child, grandchild, great-grandchild, etc. 

Traversing Down the DOM Tree

The following are two important jQuery techniques for navigating the DOM tree:

  • children()

  • find()

jQuery children() Method

The children method in jQuery is used to return the immediate children of an element. This approach traverses only one level of the DOM tree.

In the following example, all elements that are direct children of each

element are returned:

Example of children method in jQuery


An optional parameter to narrow down your child's search.

In this example returns all

elements that are direct children of

and have the class name "first":



jQuery find() Method

The descendant elements of the selected element are returned the find() method, all the way down to the last descendant.

Here, if a element is descendant of

, it will be returned. 

Example of find method in jQuery


All descendants of

are returned in the following example:


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