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jQuery addBack() Method Explained With Easy Examples

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jQuery addBack Method

To incorporate the initial set of elements into the current situation, use the addBack() method. The selector can filter it if desired. It's a built-in jQuery method.

Syntax of addBack method in jQuery


The optional parameter of the addBack() method is the selector mentioned in the above syntax. It specifies a string containing a selector expression against which should match the elements. 

Example of jQuery addBack method

In this example, the addBack() method is applied to the paragraph element with id = "p1". The nextAll() method is used here to select the next paragraph siblings of the paragraph element with id = "p1."

It is an example of using the addBack() method.divParagraph 1Paragraph 2Paragraph 3Click the below button to see the effect. Click me Here, we see that paragraph 1 is also selected. This is due to the addBack() method. If we do not use it, only 2nd and 3rd paragraphs will get selected.


Example of jQuery addBack method

You will see the final output on clicking the ‘Click me’ button, as shown below:

jQuery addBack method example

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