Internet of Things (IoT) Tutorial

What is IoT Technology? How IoT Works?

What is Internet of Things (IoT)? Easy Definition

IoT is among the hottest technologies in this era of digital transformation. As the name describes, the Internet of Things means connecting objects or things to the internet using a network of sensors, software, and modern technologies. 

Let’s understand what is IoT technology in simple words with an example of its usage. The common things or devices like refrigerators, air conditioners (AC), etc., are today powered by IoT technology so that users can manage them from anywhere, just with a mobile device. 

For example, if someone forgot to turn off the AC while leaving home, he can turn it off using a smartphone. This is one of the most mainstream examples of the use of the internet of things. 

IoT enables the exchange of data between devices and systems over the internet. Smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, autonomous cars, etc., have become mainstream because of this technology. 

In addition to homes and cities, IoT technology is being used for numerous business purposes, and in the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

What is Internet of Things, Iot?

Internet of Things brings together connected objects and equipment (to the Internet) and related technologies (primarily networks and software) and, by extension, the universality of everything that can be connected via the Internet network to receive and send data.

Therefore, the IoT is considered Web 3.0, the generalization of the Internet and its connected uses.

The IoT helps people learn more about their environment and master its components. With connected objects in the home, we can optimize and automate several aspects of everyday life: this is already the case with home automation, which offers several technologies and currencies to manage heating, lighting, etc.

The IoT provides real-time Insight into all of their systems for businesses, providing Insight from machine performance to supply chain and logistics operations. 

Thus, it allows companies to automate processes and reduce labor costs. It also helps reduce waste and improve service delivery, making it less expensive to manufacture and deliver goods.

Internet of Things, IoT


What does IoT stand for?

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How IoT Works?

Concretely, a sensor placed on a physical device transmits data on the latter's state. This data will be fed back using a wireless network on IoT platforms. They will then be processed and enriched.

To corroborate the correct functioning of the sensor, it is necessary to ensure the choice of its components (the microcontroller, the batteries, the location of the antennas) to the most appropriate communication network and to its maintenance in operational condition over time.

  • Sensing

Sensing is done through physical hardware such as intelligent sensors.

  • Networking

Connects equipment to the internet.

  • Service

Middleware technologies allow hardware and software to communicate with each other.

  • Interface

Platforms that showcase applications to end-users.

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