Internet of Things (IoT) Tutorial

What is Industrial IoT? How Does Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Work?

What is Industrial IoT (IIoT)?

The IIoT consists of tools connected to the Internet and sophisticated analysis platforms that process the data they produce. IIoT devices range from tiny temperature sensors to complex industrial robots. 

While the word "industrial" may sound like warehouses, shipyards, and workshops, IIoT technologies hold promise for a wide range of activities beginning with agriculture, healthcare, financial services, commerce, and advertising.

Industrial IoT

How Industrial IoT Works?

The IIoT is a framework of intelligent devices connected to form systems that monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data.  IoT industrial ecosystem is made up of:

  • Smart assets that can sense, communicate and store information about themselves

  • Public and private data communication infrastructure

  • analytics and applications that generate business insights from raw data

  • The people

State-of-the-art devices and intelligent resources transmit information directly to the data communications infrastructure, where it is converted into actionable information about the operation of a particular machine, for example. 

The role of this information can be for predictive maintenance and optimization of business processes.

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