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SaaS IoT: Role of SaaS in IoT Platforms

Understanding SaaS IoT Platforms

In the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, the platform is installed and operated by the provider you subscribe to. Therefore, you do not know the infrastructure and exact architecture thereof and only have user interfaces (web, mobile in general) or interfaces dedicated to other information systems ("API") to interact with the Platform.

The SaaS model involves recurring costs indexed to specific usage indicators. For example, this is the case with the price per active device over the month.

In such an approach, any SaaS customer has a similar service (modulo of levels/options): the customization of functions is limited to what has been planned by the supplier.

In addition, the evolution of the product is dictated by the supplier, which involves the risk of seeing functions or interfaces evolving or disappearing over time. 

SaaS IoT Platforms

Such uncertainties sometimes force customers to carry out training work for their users or to adapt information systems or equipment that interconnect with the IoT SaaS platform.

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