Internet of Things (IoT) Tutorial

PaaS IoT Platforms: Platform as a Service for IoT

Understanding PaaS IoT Platforms

The supplier is a cloud provider that offers you a library that can be deployed on-demand on machines in their data centers.

Thus, many cloud infrastructure operators offer PaaS bricks for databases, message buses, website/web API hosting, data processing/machine learning, etc.

Certain players also offer bricks specific to IoT needs. It is, therefore, software explicitly developed by the supplier, with its principles, but which addresses the recurring needs of IoT solutions: equipment inventory, interconnection with fleets of connected objects, collection/routing/processing/storage of data, device management, etc.

Examples of PaaS IoT Platforms

  • AWS IoT (Amazon)

  • Azure IoT (Microsoft)

  • Google Cloud IoT (Google)

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