Internet of Things (IoT) Tutorial

What Are Liabilities in IoT (Internet of Things)?

Understanding Internet of Things Liability

IoT security breaches can happen in any industry, from the smart home to the connected car to a manufacturing plant. However, the severity of the impact depends mainly on the individual system, the data collected, and the information it contains.

An attack disabling the brakes on a connected car, for example, or on a connected health device, such as an insulin pump hacked into administering too many drugs to a patient, can be life-taking. 

Similarly, an attack on a refrigeration system housing drugs monitored by an IoT system can ruin a drug's viability if temperatures fluctuate. Again, an attack on critical infrastructure - an oil well, power grid, or water supply - can be disastrous.

Other attacks, however, cannot be underestimated. For example, an attack on intelligent door locks could allow a burglar to enter a smart home. 

Or, in other scenarios such as the Target 2013 hack or other security breaches, an attacker could pass malware through a connected system - heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in the case of Target - to erase personally identifiable information, causing havoc for those affected.


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