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The Top Applications of IoT in Biometric Industry

What Are Applications of IoT in Biometrics?

With voice increasingly constituting the main technological interface with the customer, replacing touch, we have entered a conversational economy. 

With chatbots and voice assistants, the voice is taking over and showing real popularity. Connected via IoT, voice recognition allows consumers to control different daily and professional life aspects.

At the same time, the voice opens up a new space of risk. There is, in fact, the problem of identifying the speaker from a given set based on an audio sample, especially when the voice interface is open to everyone. Speaker verification is a real problem.

IoT Applications in Biometrics

Add to this that today some programs allow, sometimes in a minute, to create a realistic artificial voice. For example, in 20 minutes, Adobe Voco software makes synthetic lyrics whose sound quality can deceive voice security. 

Hackers can also access applications like Google Duplex, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Google's voice assistant capable of making calls and talking to a human.

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