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Industrial IoT Applications & Examples: What Are Applications of IIoT?

Top Applications of Industrial IoT With Examples

As part of the actual deployment of IIoT's intelligent robotics, ABB, an electrical and robotics company, uses intelligent sensors to monitor the maintenance needs of its robots to trigger repairs before parts do not break.

Likewise, Airbus has launched "the factory of the future," a digital manufacturing initiative that streamlines operations and boosts production. 

For example, Airbus integrated sensors into workshop machines and tools and equipped employees with wearable technologies, such as industrial smart glasses, to reduce errors and improve workplace safety.

Another robot maker, Fanuc, uses sensors within its robotics, along with cloud-based data analytics, to predict impending component failure of its robots. This allows the plant manager to schedule maintenance at convenient times, reducing costs and avoiding potential downtime.

Magna Steyr, an Austrian automaker, is taking advantage of the IIoT to track its assets, including tools and vehicle parts, and automatically ordering more inventory when needed. The company is also testing Bluetooth-enhanced "smart packaging" to track components in its warehouses.

Hybrid cloud and edge computing solutions can create robust IIoT solutions. Process data on-premises, in real-time, and smooth data flow between intelligent devices and your private and public clouds.

  • Edgeline IoT Servers: Explore servers designed for edge computing and IIoT.

  • Mobile and IoT Solutions: Collect and analyze data and then take action based on insights gained in the intelligent Edge.

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Empower your IIoT with the right hybrid cloud solutions.


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