Google Analytics Tutorial

Understanding Metrics in Google Analytics and Acting on Them

What Does Metrics Show and What Actions to Take?

The data from Google Analytics will help you learn what is the current performance, what can be improved, and what to avoid.

  • If your traffic is low from organic search, you can understand that it is time to work on SEO and create new and valuable content.

  • For low conversion rates, you can take the right actions like improving content flow on pages, adding proper CTAs, etc.

  • If external sites (guest posts, sponsored posts, etc.) are not driving expected traffic, then you should switch to better options. 

  • For high bounce rates, you can fix it by improving user experience on the site, properly structuring the content, and following other tips.

  • If mobile traffic is more than desktop, then focus more on optimizing the mobile experience.

  • You can also revamp your social media strategy on the basis of social traffic.

  • Set goals if you haven’t already. This will help you to accelerate your marketing efforts and grow the business.

  • In case there is a decline in traffic on old content, maybe it’s because it is no longer relevant. You can then update it and bring the lost traffic back to your site.

These are the key actions that you should take after monitoring things using Google Analytics.

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