Google Analytics Tutorial

Check Google Analytics Traffic Sources and Traffic Behaviour

How to Check Traffic Sources in Google Analytics?

Traffic sources can be monitored from Acquisition > All Traffic. It will then show all the traffic coming from distinct sources or mediums. 

Generally, marketers keep a track of these traffic sources:

  • Organic Traffic: The traffic coming to your site through search queries on Google and other search engines. 

  • Direct Traffic: When people visit your site by typing the exact URL of the site or by clicking a bookmark, it is considered direct traffic.

  • Referring Traffic: Traffic coming to your site through other sites, like sponsored posts, guest posts, sponsored ads on other sites, etc.

  • Social Traffic: This is the traffic driven to your site through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

To check and monitor specific traffic sources, select Traffic Sources Overview > View Report. Then click on the source/medium, like Direct Traffic to monitor the full report.

How to Monitor Traffic Behavior in Google Analytics?

Traffic monitoring means the monitoring of the actions taken by the user during and after the search. This includes the intent of the search, age, gender, location, voice search, device, etc. 

It helps in understanding the behaviour of the users and making better marketing decisions. 

  • Open Google Analytics.

  • Navigate to Audience and then click Overview.

It will show you the demographics and interests of the user. By monitoring these things, you can revamp your content strategy (for example), and improve the things for users and search engines.

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