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  • How to Measure Website Performance in Google Analytics?

How to Measure Website Performance in Google Analytics?

Measurement of these metrics in Google Analytics will help you to better understand your performance and optimize the marketing campaigns:

  • Use site search queries

Site search queries play a crucial role in finding the keywords your visitors are searching for on your site. It’s all the more important for eCommerce sites. 

Google Analytics shows on-site search queries to understand whether you have used the keywords in your content that visitors are looking for. You can then reframe the content and target them in a better manner. 

  • Mobile strategy

You can set specific goals for mobile devices as most of the traffic today comes from smartphones and tablets. 

Google Analytics shows insightful data about mobile traffic and conversion rate. With these insights, you can create new or optimize existing marketing strategies for mobile users. 

  • Pagespeed

You can’t fix something without knowing what to fix. You can check the pagespeed for every page on your site and check if any page is loading slow. 

This is important for SEO as Google impacts the ranking of slow websites, and the bounce rate is always high on such pages.

  • Identify sources of traffic

Your marketing campaigns may include advertising on social media, Google Ads, guest blogging, sponsored ads on other sites, etc. to bring new visitors to the site.

To measure these marketing campaigns, use Google Analytics and find the source of traffic on site. If you have submitted a sponsored post on an external site with a UTM backlink, you can check how much traffic is coming from that site. 

This way, you can measure the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns and refine them accordingly. 

  • Remarketing and retargeting

Many marketing campaigns offer you the opportunity to retarget potential customers. With Google Analytics Insights, you can distinguish between new and returning visitors, analyze demographics and interests of visitors, and create new campaigns better.

  • Find the best time for content publishing

Your website drives higher traffic on specific days of the week. You can check the heat graph in Analytics to find the days on which you experience the most traffic. 

When you know the right time, you can reframe your content strategy to publish most of the content on those days.

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