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Important Google Analytics Metrics to Track

Understanding Insights & Metrics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows insights about various factors important for websites. These insights can be active users on your site in real-time, monthly traffic, top countries by traffic, etc.

Google Analytics Insights

Following are the insights that you can access in Google Analytics:

  • Mobile Performance

The performance of websites on mobile devices is all the more crucial today as most of the users today browse using smartphones. Google considers the mobile-friendliness and mobile SEO of a website as the ranking factor in SERP.

A mobile performance report in GA will show you how the website is performing on smartphones and tablets and what’s the scope for improvement. 

  • Traffic Acquisition

The traffic acquisition insights will help you to understand the performance of your ads, the traffic coming from guest posts and other external sites, organic traffic, etc. 

This is one of the most important insights for marketers. From the Acquisition option, you can check what is driving traffic to your site and how much. 

You can go further to check which external site or social media platform is driving traffic and how much is direct traffic.

  • Content Efficiency

How do you know that your content is efficient? Which pages or posts are bringing in the most traffic? 

You can check these and other insights using Google Analytics. It will show you user entrances, number of page views, bounce rate, etc.

From these insights, you can find which pages are engaging, the type of content working well, the pages that drive conversions, as well as which pages are shared by visitors.

  • New & Returning Visitors

It is a really good thing to bring in new visitors. But it’s even better to make them visit again. It’s because the returning visitors are more likely to convert into subscribers or customers.

In GA, you can see insights on how many visitors are coming back to your site. Returning visitors stick on the site for longer, which reduces the bounce rate. 

  • Bounce Rate & Exit Rate

The percentage of visitors leaving your site without clicking anywhere else or without doing anything is called the bounce rate. Whereas, the exit rate of a page is calculated as the number of exits/number of pageviews. 

You can check these rates from Behaviour insights in GA to understand which pages are making the visitors leave and the pages with the lowest engagement. 

  • Site Search

Site Search is the search button you have on your website or blog. You can check the terms used by visitors on your site to perform searches. 

  • Regions 

Check the insights to learn which regions are driving the most traffic. This will help you to find whether your traffic is relevant for your product/services or not. 

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