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How to Set Up Google Analytics Funnels?

What Are Funnels in Google Analytics and Their Importance?

Funnels can help you find the loopholes in your website strategy. What funnel does is track the journey of the visitor from the point of entrance till the point of exit. By analyzing their journey, you can check why they didn’t meet your goal or visited a specific page.

For example, when someone visits your homepage, you may want them to browse categories, particular product pages, add items to cart, buy the product, etc. Funnel shows till which step the user browsed before exiting.

So, the funnels can enable greater insights than the goals. While goals provide insights on basic KPIs, funnels show actionable points to improve conversion rate. 

Funnels are important to be used to isolate problems in the customer journey and optimize conversion paths.

How to Set Up Funnels in Google Analytics Goals?

Here’s how you can set up a funnel in Google Analytics goals:

  • The first basic need for a funnel is that you must have at least one goal created in GA.

  • From the Admin panel, browse Goals and click on +New Goal. Add a Goal, like place an order.

  • Choose ‘Destination’ and then Goal Details

  • From here, turn the Funnel switch on.

  • Now, it will ask to add steps with URL and name. You can also choose whether a step is optional or required. 

Once done, you will be able to see the insights in the Conversions > Goals section.

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