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What is Google Analytics and How Does it Work?

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  • Google Analytics Explained in Simple Terms
  • How Google Analytics Works?

Google Analytics Explained in Simple Terms

Google Analytics is one of the most useful web analytics tools that help website owners, bloggers, and digital marketers analyze data for websites, blogs, or mobile apps.

Using Google Analytics, one can keep a track of various insights, like organic traffic, paid traffic, location of visitors, conversion rate, bounce rate, page views, top pages with the most traffic, and much more. 

Using these metrics, it becomes easier to understand marketing activities, what’s working and what’s not, determine areas of focus, and improve things.

What is Google Analytics

How Google Analytics Works?

Google Analytics relies on the data from a number of sources, such as browsers, cookies, and majorly on the JavaScript code embedded in websites. 

To enable this tool to track activities on your site, you have to embed a code on the site, which pretty much does the job of data collection.

When a user browses the site, the code starts recording the activities right from the time of his arrival to the time he exits. 

During the process, GA analyzes the point of entry, clicks on web pages, links clicked, time spent on a page, and the page of exit. It also sees the information about computers/mobile, location, etc.

The tool then converts all the data into graphs and statistical forms to make it easier for evaluation. 

So, the process of GA goes like this: 

  • Data collection 

  • Data processing

  • Report creation

To maintain privacy, Google Analytics doesn’t share the exact information about the users. It will only show metrics.

For example, if someone visited the site and clicked three web pages, the GA will report the keyword he used to come to the site, browser used, certain location, and the number of clicks. It wouldn’t share the name of the person or his personal details.

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