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How to Link Google Analytics and Google Ads?

Table of Contents

  • How to Integrate Google Ads and Google Analytics?
  • Benefits of Google Analytics and Google Ads Linking

How to Integrate Google Ads and Google Analytics?

Here is how you can integrate Google AdWords account with Google Analytics account:

  • First thing, your GA account should have at least one property. 

  • You need to have administrator access to the account. 

  • Log in to Google Analytics and navigate to the property that you want to link to Google Ads.

  • In the selected Property column, click on Google Ads Links.

  • Click on + New link group.

  • Choose the AdWords account that you want to link. Click on Continue. If it is a Google Ads manager account with multiple Ad accounts, select the ones that you want to link. 

  • Write the link group title.

  • Turn ON the linking for views in the property. In case you want the linking to auto-tag the Google Ads automatically, skip this step. Click Advanced settings to manually tag the Google Ads links.

  • Click on Link accounts.

Your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts will get linked now.

To see analytics in AdWords, you have to activate the Analytics columns. This can be done by going to the campaign and ad group, and clicking ‘Columns’. Now select the metrics you want to access. You can also customize the columns within Ads. 

You can now see all the metrics in Ads account, such as new visits, average visit duration, pages per visit, bounce rate, etc.

Benefits of Google Analytics and Google Ads Linking

1. See the whole picture in one place

AdWords shows the key metrics like Ad Spend and Ad Performance, but you can’t see the activities of visitors on the site after clicking the ad. 

The integration will provide you the whole picture to find the actions taken by ad visitors, factors that drive conversion rate, etc. 

2. Make more informed decisions

By enabling additional data in the Google Ads account (pages per visit, bounce rate, average duration, etc.), the integration helps you to optimize your campaigns and make informed decisions. 

3. Import GA transactions to Google Ads

After integration, you can import the Google Analytics transactions to Google Ads. This makes the conversion tracking easier and enables you to refine your ad campaigns.

4. Extend remarketing abilities

The integration of Google Analytics and Ads will also help you to extend the remarketing abilities if you use Google Display Network Remarketing. 

5. Identify issues 

Sometimes, you may find that certain keywords are not driving clicks from Ads. Generally, the next step is to remove such keywords. But, there are times when such issues occur because of other things. The integration will help you understand the issues directly from Google Ads. 

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