Google Analytics Tutorial

Google Analytics Account Structure

Understanding Google Analytics Account Hierarchy or Structure

A Google Analytics account follows a structure in the right hierarchy to maintain the way data or information is collected, processed, and reported. 

The hierarchy of GA should be structured properly in this way: Account > Property > Views.

  • Account

You need to set up an account to access Google Analytics and manage things. Using this account, you can manage analytics for multiple properties.

  • Property

The website, blog, or app for which you want GA to analyze data, is called a property. 

If you have multiple websites (properties), you can add them all to one account by verifying the ownership. It’s called ‘one account - many properties’ setup.

There will be a unique tracking code for every property to keep things distinct and separated. 

The maximum number of properties in one Google Analytics account can be 50. 

  • Views

Views or reporting views are made up of distinct reports created by applying relevant filters and defining unique perspectives. 25 is the maximum number of views in a property. 

The use of a view is to see customized insights, like filtering out the internal traffic and tracking only external traffic from limited sources. Views can be edited and deleted whenever required.

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